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Don't overpay for regular maintenance or a new vehicle at a regular dealership. When you're shopping for a different car or simply need an oil change, you need to check out the affordable deals you'll always find at East Street Auto Sales & Service. You'll always leave us with a full wallet and a smile on your face.

Your car definitely looks like it's seen better, brighter days.
When you want to give it a little boost in appearence, you've got to bring it down to our shop. Our technicians can give the whole vehicle a  good scrubbing to make it shine like it did when it rolled off the assembly line - no matter how long ago that was.

No matter what make or model you've got, let us handle it:

Save yourself some stress and money by shopping for a quality used car. When you're ready for a change, you need to come down to East Street Auto Sales & Service at 746 East Street and take a look around.

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